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published Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Welcome to the new ‘’ ! Our hard work  made the restyling of this website possible, creating something more than a simple online customer portal: we are pleased to make the digitalization of your summer experience available to anyone interested in our latest news, as well as the establishment’s 40 years of history, pictures, videos and the brand-new ‘Etruria-Club’.

What is ‘Etruria-Club’? Sign up FREELY and become a member of our Club to have access to a specific section of the website containing exclusive content that we invite you to check out.

Become a member, be our guest !

We hope that you will all have a good time on our website; we will constantly upload new content, both on recent and old matters, so keep logging in and inform us if you have any questions or requests…it’s YOUR website and we want it to be the way you like it.